Babylino Sensitive is Launching a Facebook page

We are happy to inform you that we are launching a Facebook page of Babylino Sensitive.

Our aim is to popularize the brand even more and to reach out to the mothers, who according to Nielsen data are the most active online users.

We will not only show the competitive advantages of all the Babylino Sensitive products, but will post useful tricks, articles and games regarding the wonderful world of Motherhood!

Visit us on and become our fan!


Have you heard of the revolution in the protection of leakage?

Every Day Fresh and Every Day HyperDry are with the innovative “Center Plus” technology and there is no need to worry about leakage anymore! They are with the new and re-enforced core, which ensures additional absorbency and maximum protection against side leakage! Thinner, more stylish, more secure, the new Every Day Fresh и Every Day HyperDry are truly unique!

You may visit:

Chupamania – the new Chupa Chups game

On 18.05.2015 started the new game of Chupa Chups with cool and various prizes. The participants can try out their luck at entering the codes placed on the lollipops’ sticks. As much lollipops you eat, as bigger the chance to grab some of the attractive Chupa Chups branded prizes. On the bottom of the promotional lollipop stick is written: GO ON CHUPA WEB AND PLAY. For more information visit or the Chupa Chups facebook page.

PALOMA Super Care – new generation of kitchen towels

We launched in September a brand new category of kitchen towels - PALOMA Super Care – it was created with care for the specific needs in your home.

  • Kitchen towels PALOMA Super Care Pro Food XXL is your irreplaceable assistant in the kitchen: it excellently absorbs grease, does not stick to food and does not leave greasy marks. The contact with food is 100% safe.
  • Kitchen towels PALOMA Super Care Pro Window XXL cleans excellent all types of glass surfaces: windows, mirrors, ceramic stoves - leaving behind shining surfaces without traces.

The kitchen role can be used from inside-out, you just twist and pull the core out. It was made of paper which contains only natural materials, with PEFC certification – assuring the origin from sustainably-managed forests. You also get more paper in one role to help save our environment.

Paloma Sensitive Care – new generation of toilet paper

We have launched recently a brand new category of 4-layers toilet paper Paloma Sensitive Care – extremely soft thanks to the especially selected cellulose fibers for its production. Made with a special embossing technology - guarantee for maximum strength. Paloma Sensitive Care products are enriched with natural extracts and herbs essences, which makes them fresh and suitable even for sensitive and irritated skin. Dermatologically tasted, made from 100% cellulose, with PEFC certification – assuring that the products originate from sustainably managed forests. Available in 3 variants: with avocado lotion, with calendula lotion, with silk lotion.