We help our partners by assisting the conduct of a regular and flawless import process.

Our in-house logistic unit and our commercial departments have 55 transport vehicles at their disposal. These ensure systematic and adequate deliveries of our products throughout the country.


  • Warehouse in Sofia 3000m2, 4000palets capacity
  • 55 vehicles
  • We process all the orders directly from Sofia
  • WMS – Mantis (Warehouse Management System)
  • Singular ERP system
  • Orders come to Interfoods online via salesmen’s hand-held devices
  • We deliver directly to all big cities and their satellite towns in 24-48h
  • Trucks equipped with GPS for better control for the execution of the orders
  • We also deliver piece per piece and not only cartons so we can cover efficiently and the traditional trade
  • We do not have sub distributors, all orders are covered from our sales teams, which means better control and wider distribution