Golia, a historic Italian brand born in the 30s, made its debut with the famous and inimitable Golia Farfallina, the small soft licorice candy wrapped in foil imitating a butterfly. Since then, Golia has been able to reinvent itself in many other flavors, shapes and colors, offering chewy, hard, stuffed and non-gummy candies to satisfy all types of consumers.
Golia is very well know as it has a tradition of 15 year in the Bulgarian market and hold leader position in its category. Following the global trends all Golia products, offered in the Bulgarian market, are sugar free.

• Golia Activ Plus, the sugar free candy, filled with syrup, which gives relief to the nose and throat giving a real cooling effect … feel free to breathe!
• Golia Frutta C, the sugar free fruit-filled candy, refreshing and beneficial due to the presence of Vitamin C
• Golia Activ Extra Forte, the sugar free candy with a super intense extrastrong profile