We conduct smooth and flawless importation operations based on our 27 years of experience covering both EU and non-EU countries of origin for both food and non-food products.


This is the core of our logistics operations. The Warehouse is located in Sofia, on an area of 3,000 square meters and with a 4,000 pallet capacity. All orders are processed and shipped through this central location.
Operations are supported by the Singular ERP system and the Mantis Warehouse Management system.


Orders come to Interfoods online via sales force hand held devices.
Picking is done efficiently with the support of the Mantis software and warehouse worker handheld devices. All orders are picked and dispatched from the Sofia facility. For the smaller Traditional Trade customers Interfoods even delivers products by piece.


All orders are executed within 24 to 48 hours across the whole country for all customers, large or small. Transport is provided by our own trucks supplemented by courier partners. At Interfoods we do not work with sub-distributors with all orders and deliveries controlled and executed by our own highly skilled teams.



The highest priority of our salesforce is Distribution, weighted and numeric. Good distribution is the prerequisite for good sales to follow. With a powerful sales team of over 60 well trained professionals, Interfoods has the power to reach customers across the whole country directly and not through sub distributors.

Customer Service

Our frequent direct contact with our clients by our professionals creates a smooth relationship, backed by excellent logistics support. All orders are sent electronically and are executed within 24 to 48 hours from receipt. Our flexible policy allows the possibility of delivering items even by piece. This allows for much deeper distribution penetration to even the small traditional outlets.


At Interfoods, our own 22 trained merchandisers are out in our customers’ stores every day, executing specific programs for our brands across the country. Merchandising is a function vital for good sales results and our direct management of this activity assures the best results possible.

Market Information

Fast Commercial decision making is vital in the competitive FMCG world. Daily reporting of competitive activity provides the basis for the right actions or reactions. It is also an important source of information for our principals enabling them to keep their finger on the Bulgarian pulse.


Brand Planning and Budgeting

Always in collaboration with our supplier partners, the Brand Manager team is responsible for developing dynamic plans aimed at both the consumer and the different retail channels. Targeted plans based on an agreed brand strategy, together with great execution bring home the desired results in making brands stronger, month after month.

Consumer and Trade Marketing

In a cluttered and competitive market it is always a challenge to catch the consumer and shopper attention through the media or in the stores. This is the challenge that our Marketing and Merchandising teams take on every day! Innovative offers and actions and eye catching merchandising executions are at the heart of what our Marketing team does best.

Consumer and Market Research

Consumer and shopper habits, advertising or promotional effectiveness, market shares, product testing and many other Marketing tools are used when needed to assist in effective planning or results monitoring. Our team is very familiar with these tools.

Digital and Social Media

The Interfoods Marketing Team is alsovery well experienced in the Digital and Social media, with even award winning campaigns! A good understanding and experience in these relatively new media is vital in reaching today’s consumers, particularly the younger ages.

Presentations, Training, Sampling

Compelling presentations can be critical in convincing a customer or presenting important information to a variety of audiences. Our Marketing team is well versed in this matter at a highly professional level.
Training of promo teams or members of the sales force on new products, new promotions, etc. is part of the routine responsibilities of the Marketing team as well.
Sampling of our products to the consumer in different locations (in-store or other) is a frequent important activity that must be well organized to return the expected benefit. Interfoods teams are experienced in this type of activity too.